Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a very dangerous idea

Today I took a lunch break, something I rarely do.
I dragged my co-worker Jenny with me and paid a visit to The Spare Room.
It's a great little antique / flea market shop in Everett, just a 5 minute drive from our office.
Like I said...danger.

I only took pictures of the things I wanted and did not buy.
Not sure how that happened...but I'll take pics of the two things I did buy later.
For now, enjoy these lovely items that are still in need of a good home!

All this pretty chalkboard needs is a new ribbon to hang from.
It has no obvious home in my house, so I couldn't do it.
Oh, it was hard to walk away from.

This pretty was there 2 months ago the last time I visited.
I couldn't believe it was still there!
It is the most lovely pale sea green.
It has all kinds of organizational potential.
Maybe next time...


This would look fantastic over a side board or in a formal foyer.
I don't have either, so again - it wasn't for me.
But I love it, and I hope that one day, this mirror - or one much like it - finds it way back to me.


Nothing like a big bowl of glitter covered angels...don't you agree?

I did buy a small tiered basket for the kitchen and an adorable winter farm scene painting.
I'll post those pics later...I love them!
It was a fun trip to The Spare Room but I was once again reminded why I go so rarely.
It is a dangerous business, this treasure hunting.

One more thing!
Last night, I copied her great idea.

Jane Eyre is now a lovely paper Valentine wreath on the inside of our front door.
It was just as easy as Flower Patch Farm Girl
said it would be and took just 2 hours!

I love it.


  1. I think the organizational/ tool box-ish item is my fav... Nice finds!

  2. Hoorah on the wreath! Yours is tres fab! Also, thank you for the reminder of that amazing album by Christine Dente, et al. I do have it, somewhere. I have always loved that song on there, "Angels". LOVE IT! I think we even had it playing on our wedding tape (ha) after the ceremony. :)