Thursday, January 7, 2010

a New Year, a New Outlook

Historically, the days (ok, really the weeks) following Christmas and New Years have been a time of year I truly dread. I know this is a pretty common feeling and I'm glad to not be alone in my gloomy state. But I'm sorta sick of the emotional-merry-go-round, so this year I'm trying to intentionally snap myself out of the post-holiday funk.

...There may no longer be a 24 hour Christmas music station on my radio, but I will create new playlists on my iPod full of upbeat tunes and sing loudly as I drive to and from work. I will strive to be one of "those people" you see drumming the steering wheel, rocking out with complete abandon.

(I heart my iPod)

...I may have to pack all the Christmas decorations away this weekend, but I will find other was to bring joy and beauty into our house. This will mean several weekends spent painting rather drab walls, repainting all the kitchen cabinets, etc. Consider this fair warning: you will most likely be subjected to many before/during/after photo shoot recaps and a considerable amount of hemming and hawing on my part as I make decisions.

(These are not my ornaments, but I have now made a mental note to buy pink Christmas decor tout de suite.)

...No longer can I justify whipping out the standard excuses for over indulging in sweets during the holidays - "Oh heck, it's Christmas - I'll just have one cookie!", "At least I don't eat like this all year" and my favorite: "I just CAN'T watch White Christmas without eggnog...blasphemy!"


Instead I will dive head first into healthy meal planning, trying new fun recipes and expanding my repertoire in the kitchen. I will take the dog on extra long walks, make good use of the Wii Fit and fall in love with the eliptical.

Still "mmmmmmm" worthy, but in a better-for-me sort of way.

So there you have it. I've got a lot of bucking up to do...but as a self proclaimed "cockeyed optimist" I certainly don't expect it to take too long. I promise to keep you updated!

And now I'm curious...what methods do you use to snap yourself out of post-holiday blues? Or any blues for that matter? Share your secrets!

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  1. I recommend perusing gardening mags, doing a little organizing and avoiding, at all costs, the brutal elements outside my door. :)

    Lovely post and that meal looks delish!