Friday, January 29, 2010

for the love of aqua

Its pretty darn gray around here.
No rain yet, but there's a definite gloom everywhere you look.
One of the joys of northwest winters.

And so, in an effort to brighten my outlook, I wore my spring-iest aqua sweater yestersday...

As you can see, it made me smile :)

The gray gloom is still here, so today, since I was too chicken to
wear the sweater to work again, I'm celebrating all things AQUA.

I love these super perky flats from Nordstrom....

...and this lovely pale aqua cardy from J.Crew...

...who said Valentine's decor has to be red or pink?
Not me.

...and if I had this aqua Anthro apron, I might never take it off.

I love how fresh and clean all things aqua feel.

changing subjects completely now...

Tomorrow we are having our engagement pictures
taken by my friend Maggie.
We'll use them for our save the dates and for some wedding decor as well...

Maggie does beautiful work, I'm excited for her to do the shoot!

I can't wear white, polka dots, stripes, or - as Maggie called it -
"RuPaul eye makeup".

I don't think she has anything to worry about.
If I wear more than mascara on these peepers, its a pretty fancy day.

The plan is to do some pics at the local park so that we can have
Sawyer (the dog) with us, and more pics at Borders Books...
since that's where we first met.


Sawyer can't wait!


  1. Love the color aqua... its one of my favorit colors! the heart is so pretty.... And you look great in aqua.

  2. shut UP those shoes!!!! just went out yesterday to buy a pair and everything was so dark, dreary and clunky. came home with 0, but if i'd seen those shoes.......

  3. Love that is my favorite right now. Your photos will be gorgeous. I hope you post them here.